What characteristics for an efficient mobile air conditioner ?

Mobile air conditioning has a host of advantages for enjoying air conditioning. This is why we advise you to adopt it if you want to temporarily air-condition a room in your home. To be spared from the heat, it is enough to buy a mobile air conditioner. Turn it on anywhere in the house. You will immediately benefit from a saving cold in the middle of summer.

With mobile air conditioning, there is no need to surround yourself with a technical expert. No need to make changes to your interior either. Farewell to endless quotes, complicated explanations from specialists and expensive work.

The mobile air conditioner is a completely autonomous portable equipment. It is designed to move freely from room to room. Light and compact, you can even take it on vacation, camping or to the office if you opt for a mini mobile air conditioner. Just put it in the trunk of the car.

The operation of the mobile air conditioning is intuitive. After setting the required temperature, the device takes care of adjusting the production of cold air itself. As it is also programmable, the mobile air conditioner turns on and off by itself at the time you want. In addition, it is able to rid the ambient atmosphere of different allergens. People with allergies can therefore breathe air free of dust, pollen, dust mites and other harmful bacteria…

When should a mobile air conditioner be used ?

Mobile air conditioning is an excellent solution for individually cooling rooms in the house. It can also back up a faulty central system to refresh a computer room in a company or school, for example. On the other hand, it is not made to air-condition an entire building.

A portable air conditioner sits on the floor. It does not require any particular installation. It is therefore immediately operational. This is its main advantage. In addition, most models have wheels. Therefore, the device is not frozen. He moves to all the rooms as needed.

Due to its design, the mobile air conditioner represents a tremendous opportunity for tenants who do not have the possibility of installing a global system. You enjoy the fresh air in summer and the day you leave your home for another home, your device follows you in the move.

Portable air conditioning is also a relevant alternative if you live in an apartment. Very often, condominium trustees refuse that owners install traditional air conditioning. They are judged, sometimes wrongly moreover, to be too noisy for other residents and local residents. The portable air conditioner solution comes at the right time here.

In addition to the technical aspect, it is above all necessary to take into consideration the benefits provided by mobile air conditioning. Very often the summer heat represents a real discomfort for many individuals accustomed to mild temperatures. The most fragile people and those who do not like to sweat therefore have every interest in opting for a mobile air conditioner. It is an effective way to preserve your health and stay fresh throughout the day.

What is the treatment capacity of the portable air conditioner ?

Each mobile air conditioner has its own treatment capacity, it is important to check the volume of air to be treated in order to choose a sufficiently powerful device. Equipment with too low a power will not be able to optimally cool a large room.

Conversely, a very powerful mobile air conditioner used in a small room can cool its immediate area but also the surroundings if the door remains open. However, cold air may not circulate properly in hallways and adjoining rooms. The cooling effect will therefore be less the farther you get from the device. But the addition of fans can help increase the spread of cool air.

Remember that the treatment capacity is indicated on the packaging of the device or on the data sheet. It is this information that is essential to check before buying. In general, it is better to go for a powerful mobile air conditioning.

How does a portable air conditioner work ?

The principle of operation of the mobile air conditioner is based on the use of a refrigerant capable of absorbing heat from the air. The process takes place in several stages. First, the air conditioner draws warm air from the room.

Then, the refrigerant pressurized by the condenser turns into gas. It is in contact with this gas that the calories of the hot air are recovered. This results in a breath of fresh air at the outlet which leads to a lowering of the ambient temperature.

These heat exchanges are repeated tirelessly as long as the mobile air conditioner remains on.

What are the different types of portable air conditioners ?

Mobile air conditioning guarantees unfailing flexibility and versatility thanks to the variety of models. Some devices are of the monobloc type, others are of the split type and still others have the option of being reversible. Here is a quick comparison of the different materials belonging to the field of portable air conditioning. The split is undoubtedly one of the best.

  • Monobloc mobile air conditioner

    As the name suggests, a monobloc portable air conditioner consists of a single unit. It includes refrigeration and ventilation. The hot air is evacuated outside the room through a pipe.

    The advantage of this equipment lies in its ease of use. A monobloc mobile air conditioner being compact and in one piece, it is more easily transportable than a system composed of several distinct elements.

  • Mobile split air conditioner

    The mobile split air conditioner consists of two separate units. The refrigeration unit (the compressor) which contains the motor, the main source of noise pollution, is positioned outside the room. As for the ventilation unit that blows cold air, it is placed inside the house.

    The mobile split air conditioner has two main advantages. On the one hand, the evacuation of hot air and condensation is done directly from the outdoor unit. On the other hand, the noisy part of the installation remains outside the house.

    This means that there is no duct to pass through the window or to connect to an air vent. You also have a silent mobile air conditioner since you are protected from noise. And since the windows remain closed, the efficiency of the air conditioning is much better. In addition, the split being disconnectable, it can be changed location without constraint.

    Of all the equipment, it is certainly the best portable system to benefit from air conditioning that is both discreet and efficient. But the price being quite high, it is not given to everyone to afford the ultimate.

  • Reversible mobile air conditioner

    Some mobile air conditioners are reversible. They can produce heat in the winter, like a radiator, or cold in the summer. This 2in1 system saves space and reduces the purchase price.

    Indeed, buying mobile air conditioning and electric heating separately would be much more expensive.

Electrical connection

A portable air conditioner is an electrical device that plugs into a grounded 220 volt outlet. Its installation does not require any specific wiring. This is the whole point of mobile air conditioning. Just unbox the contraption and plug it in to immediately enjoy its cooling benefits.

However, you should check that your electrical installation is up to standard. Indeed, a mobile air conditioner consumes a lot of energy, from 2000 to more than 3000 watts depending on the model. This point should prompt you to be cautious. To avoid possible overloading, refrain from using extension cords and multiple sockets to which several devices are plugged. Refer to the user guide supplied with the equipment so that the connections are in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Heat dissipation

Mobile air conditioning is a pleasing alternative to other fixed ventilation systems. However, it produces heat which must necessarily be evacuated. This is why the mobile air conditioner has an exhaust pipe to connect to an air outlet.

Housings equipped with ventilation make maneuvering easier. On the other hand, for rooms that do not have one, it is common to have to open the window. The hose then slips through the gap.

Obviously, it would be ridiculous to keep the window open while trying to cool the room. To prevent heat from penetrating inside and cold air from escaping to the outside, a zipper must be installed on the door leaves. This is called a caulking kit. It adapts to almost all types of openings, even sliding windows. A downside, however, for the vertical openings which do not allow it to be positioned correctly…

Note that it is possible to drill a hole directly in the glass in order to place an air vent. However, this operation requires the work of an expert. To avoid accidentally breaking the glass, call a specialist. Whatever the installation envisaged, always refer to the instructions in the manual in order to check compliance with the instructions.

So, as we have seen, even if the air conditioner is mobile by definition, it nevertheless remains dependent on the opening through which the evacuation takes place. Most of the time, the length of the pipe is a few meters. This is still sufficient to move the device in a small area.

Under these circumstances, we understand that it is better to determine the location of the portable air conditioner once and for all. Because moving all the equipment to another room necessarily involves reinstalling the caulking kit according to the new configuration. You might as well not change your mind every two minutes about its location…

Other than this exhaust requirement, you won’t have to do much else to install a portable air conditioner. And this regardless of the model. Indeed, all portable air conditioners work the same way. They remove heat and humidity from the surrounding atmosphere when they generate cold. But they still blow out hot air !

So, do not waste your time looking for a portable air conditioner without external evacuation, it does not exist. Simply connect the hose to a wall-mounted air vent or opt for a caulking kit. Do not try to lengthen the sheath with fittings either. Doing so may interfere with the proper operation of the air conditioner by causing the equipment to overheat. If a breakdown occurs because of this, the manufacturer’s warranty may no longer be valid.

Condensate disposal

We have already mentioned it many times but it is worth remembering. Mobile air conditioning dries the air by capturing humidity. If the heat is evacuated to the outside, this is not always the case with condensation. In fact, it all depends on the mobile air conditioner you choose. Some appliances expel moisture through the drain pipe continuously. So there is no need to worry about this aspect. The mobile air conditioner is free to operate without special supervision.

On the other hand, other models do not have this faculty. Condensation is not drained. The water is collected in a tray located inside the appliance. This tank collects what is called condensate. It fills up as the air is treated. It is therefore necessary to empty it regularly. In the absence of manual intervention, the mobile air conditioner pauses and restarts once the tank has been emptied of its water.

Another alternative for draining the mobile air conditioner is to connect a hose to the back of the unit. However, it must have a hole allowing this connection. If this is the case, all that remains is to place the end of the drain hose outside or in a sink for example to let the water flow out.

Mobile air conditioning power

It is normal to wonder about the power of a mobile air conditioning because it determines the efficiency of the system. To get to the point, it should be remembered that the more powerful a mobile air conditioner, the more it has the capacity to cool a large space. As with all electrical equipment, the power of portable air conditioners is expressed in watts. The Anglo-Saxons rather use the acronym BTU for British Thermal Unit but it comes to the same thing.

It is therefore necessary to determine the power required according to the volume of air to be treated. If the portable air conditioner is intended to cool a small bedroom or a small office, a 2000 watt model seems reasonable. If the goal is to equip a medium-sized room (a living room, a computer room, etc.), it is best to direct your choice towards a portable air conditioner of at least 3000 watts.

To cool a very large area, it may be a good idea to distribute a group of air conditioners throughout the space as you would with radiators. But in this configuration, not sure that mobile air conditioning is the best answer. A centralized system would probably be preferable especially in a professional, commercial or industrial environment.

Don’t forget to consider the climate in your area as well. In the south of France, it is better to favor a mobile air conditioner with a substantial power to cope with the frequent heat peaks. If you live in the north of the country, heat waves are rarer. So you can settle for a less powerful device. It will still remain effective to face a few consecutive days of full heat.

In any case, remember that good thermal insulation reduces the electrical consumption of the device and reinforces its ability to cool the habitat. When it is very hot, the first instinct should not be to turn on the mobile air conditioner but rather to close windows and shutters.

What are the features of the portable air conditioner ?

Home mobile air conditioning offers various features depending on the air conditioners. The list below is not exhaustive. You will probably find devices on the market with very specific options. The products evolve every year and the manufacturers regularly expand their ranges. It is up to you to choose only the features that really meet your requirements.

  • Filtered

    Thanks to the presence of special filters, the mobile air conditioner refreshes the air, cleaning it from all microparticles. The atmosphere of the room is thus cleared of suspended impurities. It is the ideal solution for people prone to allergies and concerned about breathing clean air. In this regard, remember to include the replacement cost in the overall purchase price of your mobile air conditioner. If they are expensive and you have to change the air conditioner filters frequently, the bill may add up quickly.

  • Dehumidifier

    The dehumidification function is offered by some mobile air conditioners. It is used when you want to remove excess humidity present in the ambient atmosphere.

  • Reversibility

    A reversible mobile air conditioner blows hot and cold according to the seasons. Air conditioning in summer, heating in winter… In short, this is what we call killing two birds with one stone. Investing in this equipment meets very specific needs.

  • Remote

    Essential accessory so you don’t have to move to adjust the temperature. The air conditioner remote control is generally supplied with all models. But it’s not always the case. Better to check its presence before buying.

  • Timer

    Programming the start of mobile air conditioning is essential if you want to enjoy an air-conditioned room when you return from work without having to wait. This is what the timer offers. It also makes it possible to plan the automatic shutdown of the device at a specific time of day.

  • Programmable thermostat

    The presence of a programmable thermostat on the mobile air conditioner makes it possible to adjust the degrees precisely. When the desired temperature is reached, the device pauses. It restarts when it rises again.

  • Sleeping

    To sleep well, the bedroom should be kept in a pleasant climate. The mobile air conditioner is intended to accompany you in your sleep. Simply program the desired temperature and adequate airflow. The Sleep function takes care of the rest by adjusting the ventilation and air conditioning throughout the night.

    The choice of a low-noise mobile air conditioner is however recommended if you plan to air-condition a room. The noise pollution generated by certain models is sometimes a handicap for sleeping without noise.

How much does a portable air conditioner cost ?

Whatever your reason for considering buying a portable air conditioner, first research the model that suits your needs. Then take into consideration the price displayed.

Fortunately, in addition to its undeniable performance, mobile air conditioning remains an affordable device. Naturally, the price fluctuates depending on technical parameters, quality of materials, options and brand prestige.

If it is a question of air conditioning a small room, you can get by with a modest and inexpensive device. On the other hand, if your objective is to air-condition a large room, you will need to acquire a portable air conditioner powerful enough to fulfill this mission. Expect to shell out a few more tickets accordingly.

It will be easy for you to find entry-level products for only a few hundred euros. If your requirements match your finances, then do not hesitate to invest more. You have everything to gain, both in comfort and maneuverability.

To buy a cheap mobile air conditioner, try to take advantage of sales or an interesting promotion. In winter, during the low season, the devices often display a very attractive price. There is enough to benefit from a nice sale or a nice promotion.

Finally, preferably choose a brand known for the robustness of its appliances (Alpatec, Bosch, Delonghi, Honeywell, Whirlpool, etc.). It will undoubtedly cost you more upfront, but you will save in the long run by enjoying a perfectly reliable portable air conditioner.